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Fundraising Coordinator

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Susanne Schackmann


As a parent very involved with my childrens' school and sports, I understand the importance of fundraising with a product that everyone needs.  No more cookie dough or wrapping paper! Send me an email and we can get you started today!

We are an Illinois based company devoted to helping organizations like yours raise funds by using a "fresh" new approach.  Our high quality laundry detergents and softeners along with our great customer service is what sets us apart from other fundraising companies.


As parents and business owners, we understand and take pride in helping your group to achieve and exceed your fundraising goals!  We can make it happen and we do this regularly by offering a high quality, practical fundraiser that people will use and love!



Easy fundraising ideas for your group are so important for raising necessary money for uniforms, travel, supplies and more.  With everyone watching their spending, choosing the right fundraiser for your group is essential.  Brilliance Fundraising allows your group to provide a product that fits a need for every home.  These are items that your parents, neighbors and family were ALREADY going to purchase anyway. 



We are a division of KS Distribution, LLC located in Newton, IL.  We have helped many raise thousands of dollars for their individual groups. Contact us for more information or to schedule your group fundraiser TODAY!



We look forward to working with you!

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